About MCBC

The Malaysia Canada Business Council (MCBC) is a private non-profit organization established in Kuala Lumpur in 1989 to foster and enhance relationships between Canada and Malaysia. Our members are representatives from Canadian companies operating in Malaysia and Malaysian companies with ties to, and/or interests in Canada. Some of our high-profile members include Petronas, Scotiabank, Bombardier, SNC Lavalin, Manulife, as well as the Canadian High Commission in Malaysia. We also have many Malaysian companies as members including the International School of Kuala Lumpur, Smart Reader, and Taylor’s College, to name but a few.


  • Provide a medium to bring together businesses and individuals with connections and interests in our two countries : Malaysia and Canada;
  • To create a forum for ideas, opportunities and personal contacts that will promote education, trade, commerce and industry between Malaysia and Canada;
  • Liaising with Malaysian and Canadian government bodies on behalf of membership;
  • Provide information, business data, and assist those seeking to do business in Malaysia and/or Canada ;
  • To foster a better understanding and appreciation between the business and social communities of our two countries.


Board of Governors

  • President: Mr. Roger F. Poulin (Visionary Zone)
  • Vice President: Dato' Sri Dr. Richard Ong (Smart Reader)
  • Vice President: Mr. Lodewijk Govaerts (Scotiabank)
  • Governor: Chanchal Lahiri (Scotiabank)
  • Governor: Mr. Mark Hudak (Talisman Energy Limited)
  • Governor: Mr. Travis Smith (SNC Lavalin)
  • Governor: Mr. Rolf Beutel (Santa Fe)
  • Governor: Mr. Jim Tarlton (Tamarind Energy Limited)
  • Governor: Mr. Iftikhar Jami (Blackberry)
  • Invited Governor: Mr. Mark Strasser (High Commissionner Representative)


Committee Chairpersons

  • Membership Chairman: Mr. Jim Tarlton
  • Golf Chairman: Mr. Travis Smith
  • Education Chairmen: Mr. Jim Tarlton
  • Events Chairman: Mr. Mark Hudak
  • CSR Chairman: Mr. Rolf Beutel
  • Publications Chairman: Mr. Roger Poulin
  • Government Relations & Public Affairs: Datuk Abdul Malik Abdullah


Honorary Member

  • Special Advisor: Tan Sri Dato' G.S. Gill