Federal Scholarships

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

2 years fellowships worth $70,000 CAD per year.

THe Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program provides awards to the very best postdoctoral researchers, both nationally and interantionally, who will positively contribute to the country’s economic, social and research-based growth.


Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC)

The program awards world-renowned researchers and their teams up to $10 millionCAD over seven years to establish ambitious research programs at Canadian Universities. The Government of Canada designed the CERC program to attract Canadian and international leading scientists and scholars who can positively contribute to Canada’s global competitiveness and well-being, and to help Canadian universities compete in the global market for research talent.


Canada Gairdner Global Health Award

The Prize is valued at $10,000 CAD and is for the personal use of the recipient.  The Canada Gairdner Global Health Award is directed at health issues pertaining to developing countries. It recognizes those who have made major scientific advaces in any one of four areas: basic science, clinical science, or population or environmental health.


Canada Gairdner International Award

The Prize is valued at $100,000 CAD and is for the personal use of the recipient. The award recognizes outstanding biomedical scientists who have made original contributions to medicine with the goal of contributing, through research, to increased understanding of human biology and disease.


Canada Research Chairs

Tier 1 Chairs, tenable for 7 years and renewable, are for outstanding researchers acknowledged by their peers as world leaders in their fields. For each Tier 1 Chair, the university receives $200,000 CAD annually for 7 years.

Tier 2 Chairs, tenable for 5 years and renewable once, are for exceptional emerging researchers, acknowledged by their peers as having potential to lead in their field. For each Tier 2 Chair, the university receives $100,000 CAD anually for 5 years.

If you are interested in becomin a Canada REsearch Chair, please contact a Canadian university, or refer to the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada for job listings.


CIHR Fellowship

It is anticipated that approximately $15.5 million CAD over 5 years will be available for this competition.

Fellowships provide support for highly qualified candidates at the post-PhD or post-health professional degree stages to add to their experience by engaging in health research either in Canada or abroad.


Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships Program

$15,000 CAD per year for upto 3 years plus a minimum contribution from the sponsoring organization of $6000 CAD per year.

Industrial Postgraduate Scholarship (IPS) provides financial support highly qualified science and engineering graduates. The support allows them to gain research experience in industry while undertaking advanced Canadian studies in Canada.


Industrial R&D Internship (IRDI) Program

Recipient organizations will follow the rules of this IRDI Program Guide and the rules of the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.

Successful recipient organizations are funded to take on the responsibility of matching graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with private sector host organizations for private sector internships.


Mitacs Elevate

The grant is worth $57,500 CAD per year, a minimum stipend of $50,000 per yearmust be paid to the fellow. The Mitacs Elevate Post-doctoral Fellowship program supports recent PhD graduates to work on a joint industry-acadamia research projects for two years.


Mitacs Step

Workshops are free for participants. Limited funding is available for travel and accommodation for participants attending a workshop outside of their university area.

Step trains graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in essential interpersonal, project management and entrepreneurial skills required for them to succeed in their future career.


Mitacs Accelerate

Travel subsidies are available to support travel as required by interns who are participating in the Accelerate program. The funds are intended to offset travel costs as necessary for interns to interact onsite with the partner organization for the purposes of collaboration and furthering research.

Mitacs-Accelerate is Canada’s premiere research internship program providing interns with the opportunity to transfer their skills from theory to real world opportunity. This program is for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.