Study In Canada 



Canada is the second largest country in the world. It is a beautiful stretch of land with wonderful parks and cities that can be explored. Canada has been influenced by many cultures and traditions, which many describe as a mosaic culture. In addition to its diverse environment, the education system in Canada is top-notch and it is a great opportunity for you to study abroad. The opportunities are endless in Canada.

Places to study

From the coast of Vancouver to the most populous city in Canada, Toronto, the options are endless. MCBC can help you find the right school and program for you. Whether you want to study in a large city or a small town. Follow our Link to our Members Page to find out what city, school, and program is best for your education.



Canada is a bi-lingual country allowing many students to practice their French or English. Improving your fluency in either language can help further improve your education and it will allow for greater opportunities in your future.



According to the Organization for Economic Development, Canada has one of the highest proportions of people with a university education and spends more money on education than any of the G8 members. It is important to note that Canada’s education is recognized internationally. Over the last 11 years the amount of international students has doubled. Alongside the quality of education, many institutions have staff such as academic advisors to help international students adjust to their new life as a student in Canada. Different schools within Canada specialize in certain programs. Check out our list of members to see what school is right for you.



Canada is a place where you can have a home away from home because of the comfortable style that students have when studying in Canada. Most post-secondary campuses have an on-campus residence, which are affordable and include all amenities. From sports centres to art galleries, there are many opportunities to keep yourself occupied while still learning and enjoying the Canadian lifestyle.

Safety in Communities

Canada is a very safe country. There is a low crime rate that allows students to travel freely within their city or even across the country. All campuses have security that allows students to feel safe at the university. Not only do universities in Canada focus on security but they place an importance on healthcare, many student plans offer great student health benefits that allow both students and parents feel at ease when they are away from home.

Life Outside School

Canada is a beautiful place to study in any time of the year. It is important to keep a life outside of school. Whether you enjoy being outdoors and exploring the wildlife or enjoying the inner parts of the cities, there is always something to do. Remember you will have many opportunities to meet like-minded individuals that will have many of the same interests as you.

Work While Studying

Studying in Canada makes students eligible to work either on or off campus and eventually even as a graduate. But you must remember there are specific criteria you must meet. For more details please contact: