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Mr. Konstantin Valouiski, Managing Director Eurasia

Mr. Haidrin Ibrahim, Operations Director Malaysia


Corporate profile

Roke Technologies Ltd. is an international oil & gas technology company specializing in thru pipe formation evaluation. Our passion is finding oil thru pipe. Roke was originally founded as Roke Oil Enterprises in 1972 by Keith Banks in Calgary, Alberta , Canada.  Formal R&D was started in 1972 to develop fit for purpose downhole oilfield through casing porosity measurement devices. 

Research was conducted to create a neutron device that could provide accurate porosities and saturations thru pipe.  The technological achievement from this research and development is today called the Quad Neutron.In 2008, Roke Oil Enterprises sold its operating assets including all of it's intellectual property to a new management team under the name of Roke Technologies Ltd. 

Since that time, Roke Technologies has further advanced the Quad Neutron technology and has conducted well over a 1000 Quad Neutron logs in various countries around the world. Roke continues to gain market acceptance as more and more clients benefit from the Quad Neutron thru pipe measurements.

Roke Eurasia Sdn Bhd is subsidiary of the Roke Technologies Ltd with office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Roke assists our clients in making informed decisions on formation evaluation and reservoir management.